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“Out of Our Orbit” is my day dream. In thinking how do I help my beloved people to find out or choose & adopt a peaceful coexistence habit world over on 2nd Nov 2003 at 2nd floor reading room of Rabindra Bharati University central library I got ‘Out of Our Orbit’. Before publishing its volumes I invite authors (thinker) of the whole world on the basis- school of thought “Out of Our Orbit” of their(our) problems.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Art Economics(Crisis> Labor Attitude> Crime)

                     The behavioral part of human in an economy in society or participation in the production is depend on time & functional literacy which as like a common sense or traditional sense. Behavioral part has crucial role in our labor force & grows an attitude to labor.  The science base theoretical decision grows our institution more & brings it more powerful to our citizen. But the artistic part or the behavioral part of our citizen spontaneous participation in the economy with their traditional functional literacy will disassociate them which count my country as in top of modern generation gap.  26/11/16

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