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“Out of Our Orbit” is my day dream. In thinking how do I help my beloved people to find out or choose & adopt a peaceful coexistence habit world over on 2nd Nov 2003 at 2nd floor reading room of Rabindra Bharati University central library I got ‘Out of Our Orbit’. Before publishing its volumes I invite authors (thinker) of the whole world on the basis- school of thought “Out of Our Orbit” of their(our) problems.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Art Economics(Crisis> Labor Attitude> Crime)

                     The behavioral part of human in an economy in society or participation in the production is depend on time & functional literacy which as like a common sense or traditional sense. Behavioral part has crucial role in our labor force & grows an attitude to labor.  The science base theoretical decision grows our institution more & brings it more powerful to our citizen. But the artistic part or the behavioral part of our citizen spontaneous participation in the economy with their traditional functional literacy will disassociate them which count my country as in top of modern generation gap.  26/11/16

Monday, February 16, 2015

Universal Functional Literacy Campaign

This is not age of information. This is the age of conception. In some countries till now education offering the certificate & create less opportunity of the mass about to get the circumstances to learn & opportunity to  execute individual Excellency.  As an example you can’t operate an aeroplane. You have not the ability as you (they) inculcated this image in your brain but the fact you weren't offer this opportunity TO FLY A PLANE. In the legal procedure, in the medical science in the paper works in vehicles service in every sphere of life you have to grow a functional literacy. Here in our campaign we emphasis on medical science (medicine)legal procedure regional-national & international with individual & society, etc ................................Our goal will be disassociate the existing (supreme/facilitated) labour class & exploit the regional  conceptual crime, discuss functional literacy to offer the real REPUBLICANISM.
                                                                                                    nasrujjaman 26 Jan 2015

Monday, December 29, 2014

Send your article on "largest families & the regional democracies".Before 2nd February 2015 at or

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Spelling Grow Integrity

                                       GROW INTEGRITY
   Today here I discuss the idea of spelling learning for different types of learners. Some have English as mother tongue & some have the 2nd & some have as 3rd language at their early school age learning. But some learners are the adult learners. In them I classified as 1st literacy for the mother tongue learning & some are adult learner & they are literate in their own mother tongue.
  So in this lesson my target audience are
Soft advance learners
Global soft learners
Medium advance learners
Global Medium Learners
16- .....
Hard Advance learners
Global supreme learners

  This chart is very helpful to identify your group. The Global supreme & the global medium are the literate. The supreme group have their own style & enthusiasm about learning English. They create their own way in their spelling learning.
Soft advance learners
                                        Normally child start their formal learning in schools at the age of 4yrs.Though the UN announced that the minimum enroll age is 6 yrs. They learn their talking averagely at the age of 1 & half years. Then parents provide them various rhymes book to chant. They can’t read but they familiar with the pictures and recite the rhymes. Then they are introduced with the letter.
After their identification we encourage them to spell words. All the object of the planet comes first then its name then we the human beings build our letter & constructs the word as symbol of sound. So the sound is the source of the word & the students have learnt the letter sound. The facilitator just encourage them to co relate with their known sound to the letter sound.
   In this cases the symbol of digits are very helpful. If they know the name of the digit & identify with the help of digit sound the learners constructs the words by themselves.
 On the other hand learners at the schools needn’t to write all the classmates name rather his/her. Only the data entry operator or enumerator or the register have to articulate all the people names. Here I ask the facilitator to help the learners to construct all the class mates’ name. They know their friends name. So they easily read & spell the friends name with sitting sequence in the classroom. Then gradually they learn to spell the name of the places where from they come, then the characters of their text. Here I emphasizes the proper noun to establish /concretise the letters & its sounds.
  Global soft learners
                                    This group are not facilitated with listening of English. This has advantages & disadvantages that they are not affected with the accent of region. More or less in the other domain where English as 2nd/3rd/4th language it is pronounce with the letter sound. So it has an advantage. The disadvantages fact is in this type of region the facilitator always encourage students to memorize the spelling they should follow the construct method as discussed above.
Here I share a quote of nasrujjaman “Less you show your business, your business will grow up more” 19th January 2012( In this group the facilitators or teachers are very busy to inform the vocabulary & encourage to memorize rather follows the constructive method.
   To establish/concrete the phonetic sense better you use the noun in this constructive spelling learning method. Being an INDIAN I want to emphasize the verities name of our students /pupils in school/in society. 2014 is our 64 republic but the servants in our public sector or in private show their hesitation writing the beautiful names of multicultural Indians. Even in the schools at the remote villages nourishes & offer the people the idea please don’t give large /difficult name to write. If you call your son/daughter in large name all the life they have to expend to solve their name in every sphere.
What is the cause? How do we rescue ourselves?
This has happened by the T(teacher)/F(facilitators). Though pupil are classmates in our schools but T/F never ask to write or spell the entire classmates name. All of them are busy to help to spell the own name & address.
   In the classes pupil have a sitting arrangement all they known all of their names. Now T/F will help to spell all names in a sequence. They spell & construct. Then T/F will ask to read. In this reading they can easily co ordinate the sound of the word because they are all in a sequence & their friends.
  T/F will continue this practice for 3 to 4   months with name of the places/characters of their other subjects/writers etc. Gradually T/F offers the IDEA of beauty of all the names. The names bring the culture. This will obvious grow national integrity. The INDIAN clerk/enumerator/data entry operator will rescue themselves from curse of half literacy. Public haven’t waste time/money/enthusiasm/culture /production on solving spelling of their beautiful names rather in interest of them (!country) in production & improvement.
N.B: If possible please offer this idea & arrange classes in all the enumerating/clerical/data entry dept of all Indian public service & public administrations.

Medium advance learners
                         In this group I want to define the working class or the drop out students. We should offer them their known working object in to their letter identification & in spelling. All the other methods you can apply as short as possible because they have not so much time.
Global Medium Learners
                                         In this group we identify the working class, drop outs & in some countries 2nd /3rd/4th languages offers at the higher age. Whether they are literate or illiterate now with MARTIN CROPER age of great electronic device the mobile people write/spell even their mother tongue very easily with the English letters. So they have a strong idea about the letter sound & constructing words.
Hard Advance learners
                                        This group are illiterate in our so called democracy & in formal education. Regarding their spelling thank Martin your micro teachers MOBILE now have great kingdom world over & it has called the Issac Asimov electronic school in this 21st though he assumed in 2150. The mobile teachers offer the English letters in every remote villages of this planet & ensure 100% literacy. On the other hand the decorated & self announce wise people always talk about accuracy that will obviously come with the revolutionary transformation & that is naturalism we can’t control it that is the triumph of time & truth.
Martin cropper:  the father of cellphone.
Issac assimove:an author usa "The Fun They Had" is a science fiction story written by Issac assimov. It first appeared in a children's newspaper in 1951.

25th Feb 2014