School of Thought

“Out of Our Orbit” is my day dream. In thinking how do I help my beloved people to find out or choose & adopt a peaceful coexistence habit world over on 2nd Nov 2003 at 2nd floor reading room of Rabindra Bharati University central library I got ‘Out of Our Orbit’. Before publishing its volumes I invite authors (thinker) of the whole world on the basis- school of thought “Out of Our Orbit” of their(our) problems.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Universal Functional Literacy Campaign

This is not age of information. This is the age of conception. In some countries till now education offering the certificate & create less opportunity of the mass about to get the circumstances to learn & opportunity to  execute individual Excellency.  As an example you can’t operate an aeroplane. You have not the ability as you (they) inculcated this image in your brain but the fact you weren't offer this opportunity TO FLY A PLANE. In the legal procedure, in the medical science in the paper works in vehicles service in every sphere of life you have to grow a functional literacy. Here in our campaign we emphasis on medical science (medicine)legal procedure regional-national & international with individual & society, etc ................................Our goal will be disassociate the existing (supreme/facilitated) labour class & exploit the regional  conceptual crime, discuss functional literacy to offer the real REPUBLICANISM.
                                                                                                    nasrujjaman 26 Jan 2015