School of Thought

“Out of Our Orbit” is my day dream. In thinking how do I help my beloved people to find out or choose & adopt a peaceful coexistence habit world over on 2nd Nov 2003 at 2nd floor reading room of Rabindra Bharati University central library I got ‘Out of Our Orbit’. Before publishing its volumes I invite authors (thinker) of the whole world on the basis- school of thought “Out of Our Orbit” of their(our) problems.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Whom Should We Follow

Now what should we do with our education system, show our child /our future a man who is prisoner or a person completely independent whose acceptability is universal. By following Rabindronath our child can think their own rather than following other they can fly & they create their own judgement what to do they will be confident about their own backbone.(which is completely absent right now in our people.) Whenever we have to introduce ourselves for the international platform we say about Robindranath but regarding building our pupils or administration we follow other .Why ?  Md Nasrujjaman Sahaji 18th January 2012